Traditional Alcohol Tasting With Brewmaster Including Dinner In Insadong

Soju, a distilled spirit, and Makgeolli, a brewed rice wine, are Korea's most beloved alcoholic drinks. These days it's rare to find true artisan brewers and distillers as most Soju and Makgeolli is produced in large factories as green bottled soju and plastic bottled makgeolli. This 3-hour tour will introduce you to master artisans who brew and distill according to time-honored methods. Learn'about the entire process of turning rice into Soju, followed by a homemade Korean meal washed down with bowls of Makgeolli.

Meet your guide at Anguk station and walk to'the Soju'workshop. This small-group tour, limited to 15 people or fewer, ensures an intimate atmosphere and the opportunity to ask questions. 'You'll'meet'an artisan'brewmaster, who was designated a 'Human National Treasure' and his Soju also designated a 'Intangible National Treasure' by the city of Seoul and is a'successor of a secret family recipe passed down for'10 generations, over 300 years.

Surrounded by large jars of Makgeolli, the brewmaster will pour guests drink after drink, explaining the history,'the distillation process by which each drink is made, and the differences in alcohol content. Enjoy tasting 12 to 15 different Makgeolli, Yakju, and artisan Soju while'you learn.

Afterward, stroll'to a restaurant that is located in a small alley off'Insadong Street. Here, you're served a hearty traditional Korean dinner that includes bossam'(boiled pork belly), jeon'(pancakes), and'doenjang jjigae (a Korean soybean paste stew). Try various Korean'small dishes, referred to as banchan, while drinking'Makgeolli. Your guide will explain the difference in taste between the two masters' brews.

After dinner, your guide will accompany you'back to Anguk station.

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