In this 2-hour beginner's class, learn basic taekwondo ' one of Korea's traditional sports and a national martial art that has been an Olympic event since 2000. A black belt instructor trains you on simple movements for attack and defense, and teaches you how to discipline the mind. After some practice kicking a target, you'll have a try at breaking a board and walk away with a certificate in hand.

After pickup from your Seoul city hotel, you're transferred to a taekwondo studio for your 2-hour taekwondo class. After you've changed into a martial arts uniform and tied your belt, start with some warm-up activities.

Watch as your expert instructor go through basic taekwondo movements before you have time to practice kicking various targets and sparring with partners. Throughout the session, learn what it takes to train the mind and body through this disciplinary Korean martial art form ' an official sport in the Olympics.

Once you've had time to perfect your form, write your wishes on a board, which you'll then attempt to break by kicking. By writing something you're hoping for or wanting to accomplish, you'll break through limitations to achieving your dreams. While black belt tests require a breaking routine that uses a variety of kicks, such as spinning hook kicks and flying side kicks, you'll learn a simplified version in this introductory class. (Hint: Focus your mind through the board and you're more likely to break your target. Or so they say.)

Complete your class with a certificate to celebrate your accomplishment before you're transferred back to your hotel.

Please note: A minimum of 2 people per booking is required.

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