Explore'Seoul'as the locals do by bicycle in just four hours. With a small group (Min 1 - Max 4) guaranteed,'get on a well-maintained bicycle with a professional local guide and pedal along the city and Han River.'Escape the bustling streets of the city to see'historic'places and pass local residents going about their daily routines. Enjoy a complimentary snack and beverage at the end of your tour.

Meet your guide at Namyeong station exit1(Line1). Before getting on a bicycle, have a short tour briefing with your guide.

Begin your tour from the meeting point and ride through the interesting bicycle path to see U.S. army base and the War Memorial of Korea where you can actually feel the division of two Korea's. Learn interesting and heartbreaking stories about the Korean war.

Stop by the National Museum of Korea, the most famous and biggest museum in the country and Hangeul Museum. Get off a bicycle and take your time to walk around the hictortic'area with your local tour guide.

Then, you will cycle to the Han River, not only the most popular riding course in the city but also have many historic stories. Be ready to admire breathtaking'views of the river. A bike is one of the best ways especially to explore the river.

Next, make your way to Floating island and Jamsu Bridge. Jamsu means 'dive' in Korean. Check out if the bridge actually dives with your guide. While pedaling'along the river, you will'also'explore old and new bridges that have interesting stories.

Pedal your way to Yongsan, an enormous wholesale electronic market. There are more than 3,000 stores currently operating in this area. You will find all electronics at prices 15 to 30% cheaper than at general retail stores.

Finish your trip by heading back to the meeting point around 5pm. Have a nice complimentary cup of coffee, soft drink and beer with our staff and share your experience with group members!

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