Experience the most of Korea's nonverbal performing arts with your choice of stage shows at a discounted price. Shows range from 70 to 100 minutes. Based on the art of movement and gesture, audiences of any language will appreciate these nonverbal performances. With up to 8 shows in just one week, there are showings fit for every lover of the performing arts. Just select your desired show at time of booking. Experience Silla on Monday,'Fireman'on Tuesday,'Chef'on Wednesday,'Nanta'on Thursday,'Jump'on Friday,'Lotus'on Saturday,'Fantastick'on Sunday, and'Pang daily. Simply arrive at the theater for your guaranteed'seats and enjoy the show.

Be at the designated theater of the show selected at least 30 minutes before the show starts, grab your seat with the given seat number on your admission ticket, then enjoy the show!'

SILLA (Monday) - Jungdong Theater in Gyeongju

Watch the 70-minute story that depicts the collision and harmonization of the three different cultures of Persia, Silla, and Arab.

Fire Man (Tuesday) - Cecil Theater Seoul
Fireman show is based on a background of Fire. For 1 hour and 20 minutes be amazed with dynamic parkour action in an energetic performance never seen on any stage before!'

Chef (Wednesday) - Cinecore Theater (Bibap Hall Seoul)
Chef is the new brand of Bibap, a nonverbal performance based on the Korean dish, bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef). Be amazed'with this'75-minute show where actors mimic the sound of making bibimbap with beat-boxing and a cappella, and put on a demonstration of motions through b-boying, acrobatics, and martial arts.

Nanta (Thursday) - Hongdae Nanta Theater
Indulge in'Korea's traditional rhythm, Samulnori, with comedy and drama in the kitchen that lasts for 90 minutes.

Jump (Friday) - Musical Jump Theater Seoul
Appreciate the story of a family of martial arts specialists who have to defend their house from robbers. Features 100% live action and excellent comic performance for 80 minutes.

Lotus - A Flower Comes Out Once More (Saturday) - Jeongdong Theater Seoul
See Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the court who was never broken even by the king. Enjoy the art of dancing for 80 minutes, on a background of Joseon Dynasty, as the story of love, parting, and war unfolds.

Fantastick Show (Sunday) - NH Art Hall Seoul
Be ready for an 80-minute performance and enjoy a live battle show between the Percussion family and the Gugak family.'Watch as the talented performers and musicians on stage blend traditional Korean music with complex percussive movements.

Pang Show (Daily) - E-land Cruise Terminal Seoul
The performers and audience join hands to bake bread together while enjoying an exciting performance of drumming, B-boy dance, acrobatics, and comic acting. After the show, warm, fresh-baked 'pang' will be served to the audience members. Enjoy making delicious bread, on the exciting cruise ship, while watching this fun Pang show. Show duration is 100-minutes.

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