Seoul Through A Lens: Koreas Past And Present Urban Photography Tour

Experience Korean culture past and present on this three hour photo tour around Seoul. Through the lens you can discover and capture historical moments of Seoul, and see how it grew into the booming city it is today. This urban exploration is guided by a Korean photographer who can discuss Korea's difficulties and hidden secrets of the past. This is an experience that will open your eyes to the realities of fast economic growth and your guide will help you capture the contrast between the modern and traditional sides of this intriguing country.

Take a step back in time with this street photography tour. Your guide will lead you on a journey of Seoul through the decades. First stop is the Hwanghakdong Flea Market, an extensive used-goods market with over 500 shops. This shop is also known as the 'All-Things Market' due to its variety of goods ranging from antiques to interior articles. At this market you can catch a glimpse of Seoul from the sixties to the eighties. At those times, the time people in Korea were struggling because of the fast-paced economic and lifestyle changes which have generated a distinctive gap between the old and young generations.

During your exploration in the market, your photographer guide will show you how to capture the the older generations unique lifestyle in a photo, which shows contrast to the modernized and westernized younger generation. Also, he will explain interesting facts to help you learn about the real Korea from his lifes history. An additional benefit of this tour is that you will have the opportunity to purchase unique antique goods at the market.

After 1 to 1.5 hours of exploring the market, you will move to your next destination, the Dongdaemun market area. The newly renovated and commercialized Dongdaemun area makes apparent the extreme contrast between the outdated Hwanghakdong Flea Market and the new parts of the city. Here you will have a chance to capture modern buildings, modern products and the younger generations who have a totally different lifestyle than their older counterparts in Korea.

This urban exploration tour will take approximately 3 hours, and you will leave with a greater understanding of Korean history as well as some interesting photos displaying your view of Korean society in the past and present.

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