Enjoy this morning half-day tour that will introduce you to the historical heritage of Seoul. Visit the famous Bukchon Cultural Center, Changdeokgung Palace (or Gyeongbokgung Palace on Monday) before finishing at Insadong.

Once you are picked-up at your hotel, you will head off to the Buckchon Cultural Center, which will provide you with information about the Bukchon Hanok Village. The center shows exhibits and films relating to the history of Bukchon. It is a perfect starting point, which will let you experience Bukchon and its authentically Korean atmosphere.

Your guide will take you to Buckchon Scenic Spots 4, 5 and 6 and show you traditional houses called "hanok" dating back to the Joseon Dynasty. The name Bukchon, which literally translates to "northern village", refers to the area being located north of Cheonggyecheo, a Korean landmark.

You will then head to the Jongmyo Royal Shrine, built by Lee Seong Gye circa 1335-1408, the first king and founding father of the Joseon Dynasty. It was a primary place of worship for kings throughout the Joseon Dynasty and is a UNESCO-protected heritage. (This site is replaced Insadong on Tuesdays)

Afterward, you will visit the Changdeokgung Palace, which name means "to brighten virtue", and represents Korea's best preserved palace, now UNESCO-protected (replaced with Gyeongbokgung Palace on Mondays). Then, you will head to the Amethyst Factory.

The Story of King Sejong Exhibition Hall comprises of 9 different sections with a total area of 3,200 square meters. Throughout the museum are a variety of displays detailing Sejong's invention of Hangeul, and his scientific, artistic, military, and political contributions (including the theory of Minbon, which recognized the people as the base of politics).

Finally, you will get a chance to experience the traditional culture of Korea while remaining the heart of the city. Visit the district of Insa-dong, with its art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, traditional tea houses and restaurants. You will be dropped-off at Ssamji Gil, Insadong after.

8:20am Hotel Pick-up' Bukchon (*Scenic Spot #4, #5, #6) ' [UNESCO] Jongmyo Royal Shrine (Insadong on Tuesdays) ' [UNESCO] Changdeokgung Palace' Sejong Center (National Museum of Korean Contemporary History on Mondays)'12:30pm Drop-off at Myeongdong

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