Seoul Food Tour: Lunch At Traditional Market, Dessert Making Class And A Local Korean Bbq Dinner

Take a hands-on journey into Korea's food culture by exploring Korean traditional markets and trying numerous Korean local food. Visit'a Korean food gallery,'make your own Korean traditional dessert, Tteok (Rice-cake) and finish your food tour with Korean style BBQ at a favorite local restaurant. This tour is perfect for all the foodies out there interested in taking a deep dive into the culinary ingredients and traditions of Korean cuisine.

This culinary tour starts from Gyeongbokgung Station (Line 3) from Exit 2. Your guide will take you to one of the popular Korean traditional markets located near Gyeongbokgung Palace. The market holds more than 75 stores, some that cook Korean traditional dishes right in front of you and some that sell manufactured goods of Korean traditional dishes. You are given a string of gold coins (used to be actual money in the old days) and a tray for you to create your own buffet dish.

You can choose what you want with these coins at the stores and restaurants located in the market. Your guide will help you identify each and every dish you choose and ingredients included.'Your buffet dish'is completed with warm soup and rice served at the common seating area.

After, we head to the Korean Food Exhibition where you can discover all kinds of Korean food ingredients, recipes and philosophies behind 5000 years of history of Korean food. In this authentic traditional atmosphere, you feel as if you are invited in a distinguished Korean family in the past. Then'head to your cooking class in the same building and meet your Tdeok (rice cake)-making instructor. During your one-hour hands-on class, listen to step-by-step guidance from your instructor and master the delicate art of Tteok making, the most beloved Korean dessert and snack of all ages.

The tour ends with some tasty traditional Korean local BBQ. There, taste 'Combination of pork BBQ', one of the most favorite dishes among Koreans. Enjoy its lean, tender and savory meaty flavor when cooked on a grill with fresh charcoal.'This street is full of Korean BBQ restaurants from several decades ago.

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