Self Guided Day Trip To Nami Island And Chuncheon From Seoul

While Nami Island is popular among both tourists and locals, many don't know about Chuncheon, another beautiful place nearby. This package will allow you to visit both destinations in one day. Take this self-guided day trip to Nami Island before hopping on a bus to Gubongsan where you can visit'Gubongsan Mountain Observatory and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at a local cafe.

At 9:15am, meet our staff at the shuttle bus stop at Insadong where you will receive information about the'tour. During your briefing, you will be'provided'shuttle bus, ferry and entrance tickets to Nami Island,'bus ticket to Chuncheon, and the ITX train ticket for your return trip to Seoul. In addition, you will receive a T-money card which is charged 5,000 won and can be used for the subways and buses in Seoul, and a 5,000 won mobile coupon for the Gubongsan Mountain branch, A Twosome Place Caf'.

After your briefing, you will take a shuttle bus at 9:30am and arrive at Nami island at around 11am.'Enjoy free time at Nami island until 3pm.

Namiseom (Nami) Island is famous for its beautiful tree lined roads. Since the island is only 30 minutes away from Chuncheon and an hour away from the suburbs of Seoul, many couples and families come to visit year-round. Walk around to appreciate the breathtaking natural scenery. The island features offers various facilities such as a merry-go-round, a shooting range, and a roller skating rink. There are also many street food vendors that sell delicious local treats.

After exploring Nami Island, you will take a city tour bus at the same place where you were dropped off earlier. In about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Chuncheon and'have time to explore until 6pm.'

If you get off at'Chuncheon station, head to'Gubongsan Mountain Observatory, which is about 30 minutes by taxi from the bus stop. It will cost you about 10,000 won each way. You can also rent bikes as an alternative. The observatory is'stunning with its breathtaking views both day and night. Use your coupon to redeem your coffee at A Twosome Place Caf' at the ground floor'of the observatory.'With fresh brewed coffee in hand, go for a stroll around the'terrace or garden or simply sit on the wooden deck and gaze out to the beauty of Chuncheon. There are also many cafes and restaurants decorated with different themes that offer great food.

If you are more interested in walking around and exploring the city, you can get off at'Chuncheon Myeongdong instead. Named after the famous Myeongdong shopping district in Seoul, this popular street is in the heart of downtown Chuncheon.'This famous street features a number of tasty Dakgalbi restaurants (spicy stir-fried chicken with vegetables). You can also take a stroll to Jungang Market and Chuncheon's underground shopping district.

After spending time at the observatory or exploring the city,'return back to'Chuncheon station to catch the 6pm'ITX train. Your train ticket is included in this package but you will be responsible for the taxi ride to Chuncheon station.

You will arrive at Yongsan station in Seoul at around 7:24pm.

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