One of the best ways to enjoy Korea's local culture it's through the amazing street food you can find in almost every neighborhood. This private group tour (up to 3 people) allows you to eat like a local at one of the top street food destinations in South Korea. 'Your'local host who will guide you through your street food adventure. Gwangjang Market is also a 100+ year old fabric and textile market, and is a great place for buying your own custom made hanbok.

This is a place in Seoul where you'll find both tourists and Koreans, all enjoying the same delicious food. Gwangjang Market, previously Dongdaemun Market, is a traditional street market in Jongno-gu, Seoul/ 'The market is one of the oldest and largest traditional markets in South Korea, and it still continues its Korean cultural heritage, style, and charm.'

Your private guide will meet you at 11am'and will take you around for 2 hours of wonderful eating. 'Your tour begins with a short overview of Gwangjang Market. 'Your guide will'help you navigate'you through the many selections of delicious authentic food choices. Taste local favorites like mungbean pancakes ('''), Odeng ('' ' fish cakes) and Fried Snacks ('' ' twigim). While at market take in some shopping too. The cost of street lunch is included in the tour.

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