Private K Food Walking Tour Including Visit To Dongdaemun District

  • 4-hour walking tour in Seoul
  • Street food tasting'in the most famous and largest Korean traditional market
  • Discover stands selling Korean'products hanbok, silk, satin, and linen bed-sheet stores
  • Take a walk along Cheonggyecheon stream and appreciate the'natural beauty amidst the bustle of city
  • Walk around'Dongdaemun district and visit the modern multicultural building DDP
  • Enjoy the most popular Korean BBQ meal "Samgyeopsal" (pork belly)

Meet your guide in front of subway station ''Jongno 5 ga Station'' Exit 8 at 1 pm and'head to'Gwangjang Market. This is the nation's first market with over 110 years of history as well as one of the largest traditional market in Korea, located in the heart of Seoul. Up until the late 1800's, Korean markets operated as temporary markets which means it only opened for a few days at a time. Gwangjang'Market came to be the first permanently established market that was open everyday in 1905. It was built in the purpose of reclaiming Korean sovereignty during the period of Japanese occupation. Today, it continues to prosper as a popular tourist spot and is famous for its street food. Moreover, the market features Korean traditional clothes called Hanbok and various wedding ceremonial materials so you can learn about how Koreans prepare for wedding ceremonies.'Gwangjang Market also specializeds in silk, satin, handicrafts, lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearls, and more. Enjoy an awesome array of food and drinks in the friendly market atmosphere and experience a wide selection of high quality goods.

After the market tour and street food tasting, we will visit Cheonggyecheon. It is a 10.84 km long, modern public recreation space Seoul. It was an originally place where Seoul people hung out and did their laundry. The stream was named Gaecheon after the first refurbishment project to construct a drainage system during the Joseon Dynasty. Nowadays, it is a natural beauty and a nice place to walk in the busy Seoul city.

Before enjoying your second meal, we will explore Dongdaemun District and you will see the modern architectural DDP. This has been deemed one of the main attractions in Seoul'since 2014. Only 2 years-old, the building was directed by the famous architect Zaha Hadid showcasing a brand new design with its curvaceous structure and its silvery fa'ade. It comprises multiple undulating levels of gallery, exhibition hall, design shops as well as event hall. The newest landmark of the Korean industry also includes history and culture park showcasing museums highlighting the area's history,'as Joseon dynasty 16th'century military camp where historical treasures were found during the construction. Unfortunately, the architect died in early 2016,'but leaving behind one of her most amazing creations.

The last stop is a local Korean BBQ restaurant'to try the famous dish, Samgyeopsal. 'Samgyeopsal' means three layered meat in Korean and looks like bacon. Koreans enjoy'eating'grilled pork and they often wrap it with a piece of lettuce or sesame leaf. Samgyeopsal also goes well with Soju, a Korean distilled liquor which is about 18% to 45% alcohol by volume.'Enjoy a truly local dining experience during your visit to Korea! Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets