Visit Jessie in her apartment in the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul and learn to cook Korean family recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother. Share a private meal that you helped prepare while learning about Korean culture and cuisine.

Meet Jessie at her apartment in Gangnam, Seoul and prepare a home-cooked, traditional Korean meal together. Jessie cooks using her mother's homemade gochujang (a pungent condiment made from fermented soybeans, red chili and glutinous rice) and deonjang (a thick, soy bean paste), which are essential Korean ingredients that are rarely made from scratch these days. The meal will be served on beautiful, hand-made ceramic dishes.

Your meal may include Korean dishes such as bulgogi (stir-fried, thinly sliced beef with grated Asian pear, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce), her mother's homemade kimchi, japchae (glass noodles) or homemade doenjang-jjigae (tofu stew). For dessert, enjoy seasonal fruits that may have been grown on her uncle's farm, along with a delightful cup of fruit tea. While eating your delicious meal, enjoy learning about Korean culinary and cultural heritage through the eyes of a local.

Please note, this is not a professional cooking class, rather this experience is a visit into an authentic, local home to meet a local person and share the culture and cuisine together.

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