Discover the world of Korean pottery on this half-day tour of Icheon Ceramics Village from Seoul. At Icheon, which dates back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392'1910), explore a complex containing more than 300 ceramic-art studios with a knowledgeable guide before you try your hand at this time-honored art form. Follow up your pottery class with visits to the Haegang Ceramics Museum and an amethyst factory or a ginseng center. Lunch and round-trip transport are included.

When your coach arrives at your hotel, hop aboard for the approximately 1-hour drive to Icheon Ceramics Village. Icheon has been a center of traditional ceramics in Korea for centuries, due to its proximity to obtainable pottery-making materials plus plenty of fuel to fire up the kilns. The pieces made here are recognized worldwide, and you'll soon see why.

Upon arrival, walk with your guide around the huge complex containing more than 300 ceramic-art studios. Learn about the evolution of celebrated works of art such as celadon porcelain, punch'ong ware and white porcelain as you watch masters and their apprentices working at pottery wheels and wood-fired kilns. Listen as your guide describes how both traditional and contemporary Korean ceramics are made.

You may not be able to mimic these handicrafts of the highest quality, but you can at least try your hand at it in a pottery-making class. See an expert demonstrate the skills and then get behind the pottery wheel to shape your own masterpiece under the guidance of your instructor.

Then head to the Haegang Ceramics Museum, the first of its kind in Korea. Peruse traditionally crafted works on display at this museum run by the Haegang Institute of Koryo Celadon and learn about its namesake artist.

Once you've worked up an appetite, enjoy a dish called ssal-bab for lunch at a local restaurant. This regional cuisine includes Icheon-produced steamed rice served in a hot stone pot with several side dishes.

Drop by an amethyst factory for a look at one of Korea's most famous gems or a ginseng center for medicinal herbs before your 5.5-hour tour ends in Seoul with drop-off at your hotel.

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