This 8.5 hour day trip'takes you to Nami Island and Petite France, two very popular destinations close to Seoul. Nami Island (Naminara Repulic) is known for its'beautiful natural scenery as streets are lined with trees and the island is surrounded by many mountains and rivers. Petite France is a famous France-themed village with quaint shops and restaurants.

After getting picked up from your hotel in'Seoul, head to your first destination, Nami Island located in Chuncheon.'The drive takes approximately'1.5 hours'by'car.'When you arrive at the Nami Island dock,'you will board a ferry and take a 10-minute ride to reach'the island. Upon arrival, walk along the'main street'where you will find many'shops and restaurants. As you walk down, you will find'the street divided into two roads. One is Ginkgo Tree Road and the other is Metasequoia'Tree Road. Both tree lined roads are very'beautiful so you are recommended to take both roads.

Nami Island became popular as it was the filming location'of Winter Sonata, one of the'most famous Korean dramas to date. You can find statue of Bae Yongjun and Choi Jiwoo, the two main actors of Winter Sonata and visit the place where they first kissed! Around the statues, you will see many snowmen'that never melted from the winter season. If you get hungry,'there are a lot of small shops selling Korean snacks. Try'jinpan (steamed bun) popular Korean snack. Enjoy the adorable scenery and many cultural'offerings available on the island.
Before you are going to Petite France, enjoy a special local lunch. Chuncheon is famous for Korean barbecued chicken, Dakgalbi. If you don't like spicy'food, there is a soy sauce chicken option available as well.

When you arrive Petite France, you will be surprised as you will feel like you are in France. Visit small shops and exhibition places, including French doll house, Antique Museum, and Museum of Saint-Exup'ry.'Petite France also'became'famous as it was the filming location of the drama, My Love from the Star.'When you walk around the village you can see many places once appeared on the drama and that will remind you of Do Minjun and Cheon Songhee's love story.
After, head back to Seoul where your tour concludes with a drop-off at your hotel.

**Minimum 2 people are required**

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