Morning Walking Tour Of Namdaemun Market, Namsan Mountain And Myeongdong Including Full Day Option

Explore Seoul's city center on this guided tour. Enjoy the vibrant local life at the Namdaemun wholesale market, go up to the top of Namsan mountain to observe a 360-degree view of Seoul and finish your tour at Myeongdong street, Seoul's busiest shopping street. You also have an option to enjoy a traditional Korean lunch and visit attractions such as Deoksugung Palace,'Jeongdong Theater'that finished off with a'viewing of a traditional Korean performance.

Meet your guide in central Seoul in the morning. After a 10-minute walk, arrive at Namdaemun Gate, the main gate of the old Seoul City. Here, your expert guide will teach you the history of the Joseon Dynasty and about the traditional marketplace located here. Namdaemun market is the oldest traditional and the most comprehensive market in Korea with over 10,000 stores that line the streets around Namdaemun(South Gate).

After taking a look around the marketplace for an hour, your guide will then take you to the top of Namsan mountain by local public bus. On top of this mountain, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of Seoul and it is a romantic destination for Seoulites of all ages.

After that, explore the nearby area around Palgakjeong (the octagonal pavilion) which also boasts breathtaking views. In addition, you will learn about fortification technology and enjoy the scenery while walking along an old fashioned stone road next to a wall preserved from the Joseon dynasty. You will remain in this area for a 30-minute.

Next, go to the Namsan cable car station. You will ride the cable car from the top to the middle of mountain and then transfer to the inclined elevator which takes you to the ground level near Myeongdong street. Myeongdong is a shopping destination filled with inexpensive cosmetic boutiques and specialty apparel boutiques. As one of Seoul's leading tourist attractions and its busiest street, it is one of Seoul's must see sights.

If you select the morning walking tour option, after'your time at Myeongdong street, your guide will take you to Myeongdong Station where the tour concludes. If you'selected the full day'option for this tour, you will then proceed to enjoy a traditional Korean lunch.

After lunch, visit'Deoksugung Palace,' heading to Jeongdong Theater'where you will be watching 75 minute'performance'titled 'Ryeon-Lotus', a'romantic story that showcases Korean traditional performance arts and three-dimensional stage and dance. The full day option tour'concludes at JeongDong theater.

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