Lotus Show Admission At Jeongdong Theater With Round Trip Transportation

Be entertained by Lotus, a 1.5-hour Korean performance at the Jeongdong Theater in Seoul. A new spin on traditional Korean folk tale, Lotus tells the story of Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the court, and her fight against the King and Queen's corruption, incorporating impressive dance and choreography. Choose a late afternoon or evening show, and enjoy round-trip hotel transportation.

After hotel pickup, your guide will provide background on the show before you settle into your seat at the Jeongdong Theater. Located on Jeongdong Street, the hall seats 600 in a spacious atmosphere. The Jeongdong Theater opened in 1977, and has been featuring performances of traditional Korean dance and music for audiences of all ages ever since.

Lotus incorporates Korean dance and choreography, and provides a modern spin on an old Korean folk tale.

The story centers on Seo-ryeon, the best dancer in the court, who charms the King with her beauty. The Queen is devoured by envy and hatred, and turns the girl out of the palace. Dodam, the best general in the court and skilled in martial arts, follows Seo-ryeon and the two fall in love. But when they come across the King and his military group, they discover that the King plans to take Seo-ryeon back to the palace and a great duel ensues. After the 1.5-hour performance, you'll be dropped off back at your hotel.

Please note: This performance has currently replaced YOULL.

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