Lotte World welcomes you to enjoy a mix of thrilling rides, a museum, an ice rink, a castle and various other attractions, making this the perfect day out for families or groups with varying interests! Enjoy this great discount exclusively for foreign visitors.

  • Visit one of Korea's top theme parks, within close proximity to Seoul
  • The two-part park provides outdoor thrill rides and the castle in the 'Magic Island' area and many other attractions at the indoor 'Adventure' area
  • Ride rollercoasters, flume rides and the pirate ship to get an adrenaline kick
  • A folk museum, ice rink and world carnival provide alternative attractions

Located close to the city centre, Lotte World provides visitors with a unique mix of classic theme park rides combined with other indoor amusements. Test your bravery on the park's popular thrillers, Gyro Drop and Gyro Swing, with drops of up to 70 meters! Make a splash on the Flume ride then visit the Folk Museum to discover more about Korean history, dating back through 5000 years. Taste international cuisine, visit the park's dazzling magic castle, skate at the indoor ice rink and watch over 200 performers singing and dancing in the World Carnival Parade. With so much to do, you'd better plan your itinerary and get off to an early start!

If rollercoaster rides aren't your thing, enjoy taking a pleasant stroll around the walking trail of the lake instead.'Plan your lunch stop at the Folk Museum's restaurant for a feast of traditional Korean foods. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets