Korean Traditional Herbal Medicine Tour Including Gyeongdong Market

Get an in-depth look at the history and modern-day practice of traditional herbal medicine in Korea on this half-day tour in Seoul. With a knowledgeable guide, you'll visit three centers of herbal medicine: Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum, Gyeongdong Market (aka Seoul Yangnyeongsi Asian Medicine Market) and a traditional clinic. Delve into informative multimedia exhibits, see a variety of herbal medicine vendors, and then tour the clinic where you have the option to receive a health consultation. This small-group tour limited to four people ensures you'll enjoy customized attention from your guide.

Meet your guide at the pre-determined meeting point near the Yangnyeongsi Herb Medicine Museum.

Located in the Dongdaemun district, the museum features informative multimedia exhibits and historic artifacts related to traditional medicine practices in Korea. Gain an understanding of the culture and philosophy behind traditional medicine, and ask your guide any questions that come up.

Next, head to the largest traditional medicine market in Korea, Gyeongdong Market. Near the entrance stands a monument to Bojewon, an early Joseon-era medical clinic that operated in this vicinity about 600 years ago. Walk with your guide through the streets of the market, which are lined with thousands of vendors, ranging from large, neon-lit pharmacies to individuals sitting on the street with blankets piled with herbal products. Your guide explains the various colorful and aromatic medicinal plants, mushrooms, roots, tree bark and other assorted items that you encounter along the way.

Upon leaving the market area, visit a traditional Asian medicine clinic. Learn about the underlying concepts of traditional medicine in Korea, and see how doctors make diagnoses during a health exam, which typically begins with checking the pulse, followed by acupuncture and a prescription for herbal medicines made on-site in the clinic pharmacy. Your time here includes a consultation with a traditional medicine practitioner that takes up to 30 minutes (it's optional), followed by a tour of the area where herbal prescriptions are prepared.

After this fascinating immersion into Seoul's world of herbal medicine, your tour concludes.

Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required.

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