Korean Tea Ceremony And Kimchi Making Cultural Experience In Seoul

On this 2-hour tour you will experience Korean traditional culture by learning the art of tea ceremony, making kimchi (a traditional side dish) and trying on a Hanbok or Korean traditional dress. In addition, you will learn some rules of Korean etiquette. Complete your tour with a visit to a duty free shop.

You will be picked up from your Seoul hotel for this 2-hour cultural experience. First, you will learn about the art of the tea ceremony and put on a Hanbok, a Korean traditional dress. Korean tea ceremonies are very different from traditional British tea ceremonies. In Korean tea ceremonies, the cups and the pots have a specific location on the tray.

Then, you have a chance to make Kimchi by yourself. Kimchi was named as one of the world's five healthiest foods by U.S. Health Magazine. Taste your own Kimchi after you finish making it.

After that, you will learn traditional Korean etiquette. Ever since ancient times, Koreans have shown respect and courtesy to elder people such as parents, grandparents and teachers. As such, there are specific ways of greeting elders. You will learn how to greet people in Korea. At the end of this tour, stop by a duty free shop before your transfer back to your hotel.

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