Get your photos taken'in the most iconic and picturesque areas in and around Seoul. Choose from'3 or 6-hour professional photo shoot package to capture memories of your visit to'Korea.

Choose among the two professional photo packages available:

3-Hour Photo Session

Area Coverage: Seoul'

Meet your professional photographer at the designated place and time per your choice. Depending on your preference, the photographer can also make recommendations on venues for your shoot. If the photographer can't speak English, an interpreter (most likely a tour guide) will be present as well. At any time during your session, you can ask the photographer to see your raw photos and you can even get a copy of the raw photos if you wish. For this, you need to bring proper'equipment, such as a memory chip'or a laptop.

This package includes 3 hours of photo coverage with up to 150-200 shots. 3 to 5 business days after your shoot, you will receive the professionally edited photos selected by your photographer via email (typically about 30-50% of the photos taken during the session).

6-Hour Photo Session
Area Coverage: Seoul or near Seoul

At 10am, you will be picked up at your hotel by your photographer. The photo session will be similar to the 3-hour package, but you can choose to go outside of Seoul for this package and the photographer can document your day trip if you would like.'This package includes 6-hours of'coverage with up to 200-400'shots.

Lunch is not included in this package'but your photographer (or tour guide, in case of the photographer cannot speak English) can make suggestions for lunch. You can pick a time for lunch whenever you'prefer. When you are finished with the photo session, you will be dropped off at your hotel or your preferred location within Seoul.

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