Korea House Dinner And Show With Optional Private Transfer In Seoul

Enjoy traditional court cuisine in the charming atmosphere of Korea House and delight in a cultural performance of song, dance and drums on stage. You'll feel like royalty as superior chefs present a course dinner of Korean dishes of the Joseon Dynasty. Then watch eight performances combined in a compilation of time-honored talent. When the show ends, you can take photos with the wonderful performers.

Make your way to Korea House, located in central Seoul, or select hotel pickup upon booking for convenient transport. Bask in the elegant surroundings of this antique building and prepare to immerse yourself in Korean culture with traditional court cuisine and an exquisite show.

Here, award-winning chefs use their expert knowledge to create classic Korean foods. Traditional dishes, based on preserved records of the Joseon Dynasty's royal cuisine, are prepared using the freshest seasonal ingredients and served as a course meal.

Enjoy elaborate dishes such as sinseollo (or yeolguja tang, meaning 'makes the mouth happy'), made with meatballs, mushrooms and vegetables cooked in a rich broth. Taste the pancake-type appetizer jeonyuhwa and explore the delicate tastes of gujeolpan, consisting of vegetables and meats arranged on a wooden platter divided into nine compartments.

Then relax like a king or queen as you watch eight splendid performances, including a Korean fan dance with performers in royal formal dress and holding elegant fans. Watch the unified movements of dancers to the accompaniment of five drums in an example of o-go-mu (which means 'five drum dance'), and see a perfect ensemble of drummers play an expressive style of farmers' percussion music, performed with four janggo (drums shaped like an hourglass), called seoljanggo.

At the end of your evening, take the opportunity to snap photos with the performers before you're returned to your hotel (if you selected that option).

Sample Menu:
  • Korean Style Dry Snacks
  • Colorful Platter of the Nine Ingredients with Thin Crepes
  • Seafood Cold Platter
  • Porridge
  • Grilled Fish (Chilean Sea Bass)
  • Deep-fried Shiitake Mushroom & Rice Cake
  • Braised Beef Rib Meat Patties
  • Grilled Abalone
  • Grilled Shrimp & Scallops

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