K Pop Experience: K Live Hologram Concert And Guided Gwangjang Market Tour

K-pop and a Korean culinary feast on one tour? That’s right. This 5-hour tour takes fans of Korean pop music to an exciting hologram concert featuring the country’s most famous K-pop stars, and then it’s on to Gwangjang Market to delve into some of the best street food in the country. Dance along with eerily realistic projections of Psy and Big Bang and then tantalize your taste buds with street food items like ‘bindaetteok’ (a fritter of ground mung beans, meat and bean sprouts) and ‘makgeolli’ (rice wine).

From your hotel, you’ll be transported to Lotte FITIN, a super modern mall chock-full of trendy boutiques and luxury brands. Be prepared for some fun, and dancing, when you head to the 9th floor to visit the Klive K-Pop Experience. Here use your admission to K-pop Hologram Performance Hall for an otherworldly concert. Scream and bob your head to during hologram performances from international sensation Psy as well as groups like Big Bang and 2NE1. The performers were filmed from multiple angles in front of a blue screen, resulting in a fully 3-D virtual concert complete with surround sound. You might even think you’re seeing Psy in the flesh — this is the same technology that thrilled (and confused) US audiences when producers brought Michael Jackson back to virtual life at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

It will be a ‘Gangnam Style’ event like no other. And don’t forget to check out the entire venue, which, in addition to the concert space, boasts a café with great views of the Dongdaemun area, an art gallery, a gift shop and an area for you to take pictures with these lifelike holograms.

After the show, transfer to the bustling Gwangjang Market. There are over 5,000 stalls in the market selling everything from clothes and linens to handicrafts and lacquerware. But the best reason to visit Gwangjang is the enormous selection of delicious street food. Congregate with hungry locals in the food court and feast on food items like mung bean pancakes and bibimbap, a bowl filled with rice, kimchi, and veggies. Adventurous eaters will have fun trying dishes like pig feet and intestines. Wash it all down with a refreshing bottle of makgeolli, a traditional rice wine.

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