Learn about Korean history with a 3-hour walking tour in the heart of central Seoul. Walk through several historic, hidden'alleys, visit traditional Korean markets, see old Korean hanok houses, and enjoy the'taste of traditional Korean tea. Then stop by the'rice cake Tteok Museum.

Tour departs from'Gwanghwamun Square, overlooking the historic plaza that holds the'statue of the Great King Sejong and General Lee Soonshin of Joseon Dynasty. Walk through the alley of a small garden where the portrait of the famous philosopher Lee Saek of the Goryeo Kingdom was enshrined in a'Korean-style building. Pass by monuments that were'erected to commemorate the anti-Japanese Independence movement. Then,'visit Jogyesa Temple, the head order of Korean Buddhism.'
Next on your itinerary is the'old site of'the restored building'of'Korea's first post office from'1884. Here, see some exhibits of relics from the old Korean postal service, then proceed to the'famous musical instrument market, one of the largest in it's kind in the world, a Korean-style old'traditional market.'Then, head to the entrance of Ikseon-dong Hanok village to'appreciate old'hanok houses and'various shops that sell hanbok (traditional Korean dress), Korean'musical instruments, and even offer fortune-telling. Find numerous restaurants here as well.

With narration from your guide, walk through alleys'that have'been used for hundreds of years, from the Goryo Kingdom and Joseon Dynasty.

After walking these alleys, visit a Korean hanok house to take'a break'over'Korean traditional'tea, then continue to'a rice cake museum, called ' ''''"Tteok Museum"'to learn why'' tteok'is one of the most important'foods for Koreans all-year around.The tour will last about 30 minutes.

After visiting the museum, you will proceed'to the metro station of Jongno 3-ga and to head back to your original departure place,'Gwanghwamun Square, just one station away from Jongno sam-ga station.

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