This 4.5 hour day trip to the'Korean Folk Village'will help you gain insight on'Korean traditional culture. Take part in the cultural workshops, watch seasonal performances, try Korean food and drinks, or simply walk around the village to'get a better feel for life during the Joseon dynasty.'Unlike many tours in Korea, this tour guarantees no compulsory visit to shopping centers.

The tour starts with a complementary pick up from your hotel in Seoul at around 9am. It takes about an hour to get to the Korean Folk Village.'

Once you arrive at the'unique looking traditional building gate, you will start your time travel back to the olden days of Korea. The Korean Folk Village dates back to the Joseon dynasty and is composed of real houses relocated from provinces of the country.

See a wide assortment of residential structures, from the straw-thatched cottages of commoners to the 99-room mansions of the noble class, preserving some of the country's rich traditional and cultural heritage. The'buildings represent'the dwellings of commoners, farmers, and noblemen from across Korea.

You can also get a close look at numerous workshops, demonstrating centuries-old craftsmanship in the art of pottery, blacksmith, bamboo craft, traditional Korean paper manufacturing, wooden craft, glazed pottery, straw craft, willow craft, handheld fans, paper craft, cotton looms, silk looms, straw shoes, smoke pipes, and brassware. You can actually participate in a few handcraft activities at an additional fee. Since these workshops vary on the season and event, please consult your guide during the tour.'

In addition, the village offers farmer's music and dance, acrobatics on a tightrope, and a traditional wedding ceremony on a daily basis. A traditional marketplace offers the exotic flavors of Korean cuisine from different regions and shops also sell'a variety of traditional handicrafts and souvenirs.

After spending about 2.5 hours at the village, you will head back to Seoul and will get'dropped off at your hotel or at Myeongdong Shopping district at around'2pm.'

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