Guided Morning Tour In Seoul Including The National Museum, Cheonggyecheon Stream And An Amethyst Factory

The best way to learn about a country's history and culture, is by visiting it's museums. This tour goes to the National Museum of Korea, Cheonggyecheon Stream and an amethyst factory with a knowledgeable tour guide and comfortable transportation.

After pick up at your Seoul hotel in the morning, you will visit to the National Museum of Korea which is the largest museum in Korea. It has a lot of cultural assets that shows the story of Korea's history from ancient times to the modern era. Explore the past and understand the present and future, and understand the value of Korean history and culture through various cultural assets and exhibitions.

Then, you will go to Cheonggyecheon Stream which is located in the middle of the city of Seoul. The Cheonggyecheon stream used to be a naturally formed stream before the Joseon Dynasty designated Seoul as its capital. It was used by women who would gather along the stream with a load of clothes to wash and cauldrons to boil the clothes while children played in the stream. Now, it has been transformed into a haven of natural beauty amidst the bustle of city life. It becomes an oasis of the city of Seoul. Walk with your tour guide and enjoy some free time and soak up the natural surroundings of this incredible location.

Then, the tour will end back in Seoul at City Hall after a stop at an amethyst factory.

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