Shop to your heart’s content at two popular hot spots in Seoul: Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade and Samsung D’light. Ride the metro to your first destination, located beneath Gangnam Terminal, and walk through the maze of merchandise, movie theaters, plazas and cultural complexes with a local guide at your side. Then check out the digital display of the latest Samsung products with interactive exhibits to keep you entertained. Numbers are limited to 10 people on this small-group tour to ensure a personalized experience.

After your guide meets you at your hotel, walk to the nearest metro station and ride the subway to the Express Bus Terminal (aka Gangnam Terminal), located in the Banpo-dong neighborhood of Seoul’s Seocho-gu district. The massive facility provides coach service to cities throughout Korea, but below it lies one of the city’s most popular shopping enclaves.
Upon arrival, descend beneath the station to the Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade. The wide variety of department stores, businesses and small shops selling all kinds of merchandise can feel overwhelming at first glance, so let your guide recommend places to browse, search for specialty goods or simply people-watch when you need a break from your shopping spree.
Inside you’ll find a lifestyle complex called Central City — an especially popular hangout for Korean youth that includes a music store, bookstore, multiplex theater and high-tech arcade, as well as designer shopping malls like Marquis Plaza and Shinsegae Department Store. Here, retail vendors and wholesale distributors specialize in everything from fashionable clothing and window furnishings to wedding planning and fresh flowers.
Explore for two hours, then hop back on the metro to your next stop in Seocho-gu, with a short walk from the station to the Samsung Electronics building. Inside, peruse the three-story exhibition space for Samsung D’light (a combination of the words ‘digital’ and ‘light’), which showcases state-of-the-art digital technology and displays the company’s latest product lineup.
Spend an hour interacting with hands-on features in the digital lounge, mobile plaza and global gallery before walking back to the station and returning to your hotel via metro, accompanied by your guide.

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