Full Day Suwon Hwaseong Fortress And Korean Folk Village Tour From Seoul

With'this full day, small-group tour, you will visit Suwon and the Korean Folk Village for approximately 8.5 hours.'Suwon is located near Seoul and takes about an hour from Central Seoul to get to. You will first visit the'Suwon Hwaseong fortress is a fortress protecting the city of Suwon. Then in the afternoon, you will visit Korean Folk Village to enjoy lifestyle of Joseon dynasty.

First, you wil start your trip with your guide picking you up from your hotel to visit the Suwon Hwaseong, where you can explore the impressive fortress of Suwon. This fortress is in total 5.52km (approximately 3.5 miles) and is a great military facilities since it is very difficult to find you once you hide inside.

You will explore the fortress by trolley.'There are four gates which face each of the cardinal directions like North (Janganmun), South (Paldalmun), East (Changnyongmun) and West (Hwaseomun).'During construction of the fortress, Jeong Yak-yong invented 'Geojunggi' which is similar to a lever nowadays.

You will have a lunch of Korean local food then the next attraction will be the Korean Folk Village which is located in 30 minutes east.'The village is a living museum that showcases the lifestyle of several centuries ago.'There are potters, weavers, blacksmiths and other artisans who practice their trades in a traditional fashion and about 270 traditional houses that are open to visitors.

The village has official's houses, regular houses, traditional schools, hospitals and government offices.'In the Korean Folk Village, lots of historical dramas were filmed, so it may be fun for those interested to see these sets. On top of it, you'can enjoy many attractions at the Korean Folk Village such as museums and traditional performances.

After enjoying the Korean Folk Village, you will head back to Seoul and stop by the Korean Ginseng Center or cosmetic duty-free shop then drop you off at the pick-up place.

*Please note: Performances in the Korean Folk Village and trolley in Suwon Hwaseong Fortress may'be cancelled due to the weather condition.

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