This tour allows you to experience both historic and modern aspects of Seoul. You will have a chance to see the royal guard changing ceremony, see the prestigious Cheongwadae(The Blue House), visit Gyeongbokgung Palace and stop at the heart of downtown Seoul for some amazing shopping.

Cheonggyecheon Stream is an 11 km long modern stream that runs through downtown Seoul. Created as part of an urban renewal project, Cheonggyecheon is a restoration of the stream that was once there before during the Joseon Dynasty.

Cheongwadae(The Blue House) is the presidential residence of the Republic of Korea and is regarded as the heart of the nation. Cheongwadae Saranchae is a Korean presidential exhibition center, newly opened as of January 2010. The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony is a great opportunity to experience a rare traditional scene in Korea. Be sure to bring a camera to take lots of pictures. The guards' splendid costumes, with their brilliant primary colors, are a real pleasure to see.

Gyeongbokgung Palace, built in 1394 as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910)by its founder King Taejo, is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palace of the period. Gyeongbokgung, the oldest palace of the Joseon Dynasty, is located at the northern end of Seojong-ro Street. On its grounds stands the National Folk Museum of Korea, where visitors can brower the unique cultural and historical traits of Korea and the lifestyle of by gone days.

Jogyesa is the chief temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, becoming so in 1936. It thus plays a leading role in the current state of Seon Buddhism in South Korea.' Bukak Skyway, Palgakjeong (Octagonal Pavilion)is a place to see the Seoul scenery from above. It is also a great drive course for couples to hang out. Changdeokgung Palace was used as the main palace by' many Joseon Kings and best perserved. The palace was registered with UNESCO in 1997.

Insadong Antique Shop Alley, to experience the traditional culture of Korea while remaining at the heart of the city. With art galleries, traditional craft stores, antique art dealers, traditional tea houses and restaurants, it is a must-see. Namsangol Hanok Village is located between the tall buildings in the middle of a normal city scene by Exits 3 and 4 of Chungmuro Subway Station. This village has five restored traditional Korean houses, a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule as well, making it perfect for a leisure walk.

Hotel 'Pass by'Deoksugung, Sungnyemun, Seoul Station' (Tuesday:No Pass by to Deoksugung) ' Cheonggyecheon Stream' The main gate of the Blue House 'Cheongwadae' (Souvenir Photo)'Cheongwadae Saragchae(Monday:Outside of the building) ' Gyeongbokgung Palace & National Folk Museum & The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony'(Tuesday:Deoksugung Palace & The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony) ' Jogyesa Temple ' Lunch(Menu:Dolsot Bibimbab) ' Bukak Skyway, Palgakjeong (Octagonal Pavilion)' ' [UNESCO] Changdeokgung Palace'(Monday:Jongmyo Royal Shrine) ' Insadong Antique Shop Alley 'Namsangol Hanok Village(Monday:Bukchon Hanok Village)'' Sungnyemun'Gate (Monday:Outside of the Sungnyemun'Gate) ' Namdaemun Market' Hotel

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