Full Day Korean Dmz Tour Including The War Memorial Of Korea

This tour will take you from Seoul to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) that is a very unique, educational and contemporary historical place. When you arrive at the Imjingak Park through the Freedom highway, the vehicle takes you to the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel.'After seeing the 3rd Tunnel, you will watch a brief film at the DMZ Exhibition Hall to get more information on the Korean Peninsula.

Then you will move to the Dora Observatory to see North Korea over telescope.'After the Dora Observatory, you will visit the Dorasan Station, the last station before entering North Korea.

You will pass the Unification Village, on the way to go to the Imjingak Park and back to Seoul.'You will have a lunch of'local Korea food in Seoul and visit the War Memorial of Korea.

To begin the tour, you will be picked up at your accommodation in Seoul and head to Imjingak Park. This drive will take a little over an hour and once'you arrive at the park, you can see the Freedom Bridge and the old steam'trains that show the tragedy of the Korean War at the Imjingak Park.

Then the DMZ bus will head to the 3rd Tunnel which the North Korean Army built to infiltrate South Korea in the 1970s. You will walk down to the tunnel wearing a safety helmet.

After coming back out of the tunnel, you will have some time to look around the DMZ Exhibition Hall which shows the Korean War, old weapons and a brief film that explains the history of Korea.'You can learn in depth about the Korean War and what happened in and around the DMZ.

Then, you will head to Mt Dora to see North Korea from the observatory, where'many telescopes are set up to look at North Korea's propaganda village.

After observing from the telescopes, you will move to Dorasan Station, the last station before entering North Korea'from South Korea.'You can get a stamp that resembles the immigration desk in the airport, as a souvenir (You will not be entering North Korea).'

Inside Dorasan Station, you will see and feel just how much people hope for the unification with North Korea.

On the way back to Imjingak Park, your vehicle will pass by the Unification Village.'

Once you return to Seoul, you will stop by a Korean Ginseng Center before a lunch of local Korean cuisine. After lunch, you will'visit the War Memorial of Korea where you can explore for about two hours around'the 6 individual exhibition halls and the outdoor exhibition area.'You will see over 10,000 artifacts to remember the Korean War in the indoor and outdoor areas.

At the end of the tour, you will be dropped off at the City Hall or Itaewon.

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