Enjoy an evening of traditional Korean percussion music, known as gukak, composed by musical director Baekchan Kim. Powerful, percussive rhythms and heartfelt melodies transcend language in this non-verbal show centered around a family's lost heavenly flute that shows up in an auto repair shop. Choose from two show times with optional private transportation.

Make your way to Jeongdong Fanta-Stick Theater in Seoul, or get picked up from your hotel by private vehicle if you choose optional transportation.

Then settle in for a 1.5-hour performance that fuses traditional Korean music, called gukak, with percussive sounds and melodic notes. During the non-verbal show, composed by musical director Baekchan Kim, you'll see the 'Percussion Family' and 'Gukak Family' play out a story of mythical proportions.

As the legend goes, God gave a heavenly drum to a man and a heavenly flute to a woman who were in love. After the man became obsessed with his drum and the woman tore it away, God hid the heavenly flute and turned her family into ghosts. The only way they could become mortal again was to play Fanta-Stick music with the lost heavenly flute.

Enter the Percussion Family, which runs an auto repair shop. One day, the flute appears in the corner of the shop. Find out what happens in this breathtaking performance when the Gukak Family find out and try to take it back.
After the show, make your way back to your hotel or be dropped off if you've opted for a transfer.

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