Confident about your cooking skills and curious about Korean cuisine? Book this intermediate-level cooking class in the heart of Seoul, and prepare five dishes for dinner under the watchful eye of a professional chef. You'll make either a Korean barbecue feast. Finish your class in the best way possible ' sit down and savor your creations.

At a modern cooking school in central Seoul, meet the chef in charge of your class. This intermediate-level class is designed for those who are confident about their culinary expertise and who want to learn more complicated Korean dishes. However, if you think of yourself as a beginner but still want to take the class, that's no problem. Your chef is able to tailor the instruction as needed.

After introductions, learn from your chef about the ingredients and flavors of Korean cuisine, and hear about the traditional dishes you're about to cook. Listen to some safety instructions, and then delve in to the cooking portion of the class, during which you'll watch a demonstration before making dishes on your own. You can count on the assistance of your chef if you need it.

When you have finished preparing all of your dishes, sit down to your meal, accompanied by rice and seasonal tea.

Different meals are created on different days, but each class involves at least five dishes, described below. When booking, please ensure that you are selecting the correct day and time for your desired meal.

Korean Barbecue: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (dinner):'Learn how to work with three different types of meat ' chicken, pork and beef ' to make Korean barbecue dishes that are favorites around the world. Start with a seasonal salad and dipping sauce. Then, take on the main dish, following your chef's instructions about how to marinate the meat and whip up sauces such as a spicy garlic chili paste from scratch. Learn how to grill the marinated meats and braise them with the sauce, giving the meat a rich, mouthwatering flavor.

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