Take a road trip to filming sites of "DOTS(Descendants of the Sun)". About'a 4-hour drive'from Seoul, your tour guide will take you there safely. You are going to visit "Taebaek Hanbo Exhausted Mine" and "Samtan Art Mine" where most of the events in the drama took place. If you are fan of DOTS and curious about the actual filming locations, this day trip is perfect for you. Lunch will be provided on the spot and all the necessary entrance fees and a hotel pick-up are included.

At 7am,'you will be picked up from your hotel in Seoul. It's about'a 4-hour drive to your first destination. You will have at least one break at the rest area on the highway but you can ask the tour guide to take a break any time you want. We'recommend 1 or 2 breaks on this road trip in order to make this tour in timely manner.

At 11am,'arrive to your first destination, Taebaek Hanbo Exhausted Mine, where the military base in the fictional country Urk was built over an old coal mine for the drama. You can get a glimpse'of Urk's military barracks where most of the events in the drama took place. Inside of barracks, you can even try to wear military uniform that featured'on the drama. This might be the good chance to take a picture wearing uniform and take a look around this shooing site.

At 12:30pm, a traditional lunch will be provided at a local Korean restaurant near the Hanbo Exhausted Mine shooting site. Your tour guide can make recommendations on what's popular on the menu.

After enjoying lunch, at 1:30pm,'proceed to Samtan Art Mine, which was featured on'the fifth episode of 'Descendants of the Sun.' The safe house for Ah Goo-seu (played by David McInnis) and his gang was filmed here. You can also take a look at the waiting room for featured star of this drama, Song Joong-Ki. They made this room for DOTS drama special set.

Samtan Art Mine is not only used for DOTS drama shooting site but also for many other Korean TV Shows and movies, such as SBS variety show''Running Man (Episode 170)', Korean movie 'Spy: Undercover Operation, 2013' and SBS reality program 'Jjak''2013. Once a former abandoned mine, it was transformed into a cultural and art complex for public visit.

At 3pm, your'tour guide will take you back to Seoul. You can rest or take an energizing nap on your way back as it takes 4-5 hours, depending on traffic.

Your tour ends with a drop-off at your hotel in Seoul or any designated place in Seoul as you wish.

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