Day Trip To Yongin Mbc Daejanggeum Park And Korean Folk Village From Seoul

With this 8.5 hour small-group tour, you will visit a Korean historical drama location called Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park'and the Korean Folk Village which are both located an hour from Seoul. The'Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park'(formerly known as MBC Dramia) was co-created by MBC and Yongin City in August 2005.'This place has various drama sets for past dynasties such as Goryeo, Joseon, etc. and served as the filming location for famous Korean historical dramas such as Daejanggeum, Jumong, Queen Seon-deok, Isan, and Dong Yi.'In the afternoon, you will visit Korean Folk Village to enjoy lifestyle of Joseon dynasty with over 270 old houses which'have also appeared in many dramas.

First, you and your guide will start your trip with transportation from your hotel to visit the'Korean historical drama location called'Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park (previously, MBC Dramia).'Located in Yongin, Yongin MBC Daejanggeum Park'is a vast open set.'Different from other drama sets, Dramia has been re-created based on real historical records and very accurately reflects the structures and culture of ancient times.

The famous historical drama 'Daejanggeum' 'was filmed here as well as 'Dong Yi,' 'Queen Seondeok,' etc.'You can experience the royal family's residences, offices, noblemen's mansions and regular people's house sets in the past dynasties from Shilla to Joseon.

You will have a lunch of Korean local food before visiting the Korean Folk Village. The next attraction is the Korean Folk Village'that'is located 30 minutes east.'The village is a living museum that shows the Korean'lifestyle from several centuries ago.'There are potters, weavers, blacksmiths and other artisans who practice their trades in a traditional fashion. Also there are about 270 traditional houses that are open to visitors.

The village has Korean official's houses, regular citizen's houses, traditional schools, hospitals and government offices.'In the Korean Folk Village, lots of historical dramas were also filmed.'After enjoying the Korean Folk Village, you will head back to Seoul and stop by the Korean Ginseng Center or cosmetic duty-free shop then drop you back off to where you were picked up.

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