Chicken and beer is somewhat of a ritual in Korea. On this tour, you and your small group will go on a pub crawl to three chicken and beer stops covering the gamut of what Koreans call "chimaek." You will gorge on various types of chicken ranging from the rustic, barbecue style to trendy, more modern styles. Your tour guide will teach you the Korean drinking etiquette and give you a crash course on the chicken and beer history, culture, and how to find the best restaurants.

Meet your guide outside the Hongik University Station, Exit 7, and venture into the vibrant Hongdae district, the Soho of Seoul. The first stop is a classic chicken "hof" that serves old-fashioned fried chicken as well as more modern styles. The basic styles at this stop are fried, "yangnyeom" with sweet spicy sauce, and a garlic style in which the chicken is soaked in stewed garlic.'

The second stop is an old country-style place to try some barbecued chicken. It's a more intimate cozy setting with a completely different style. The chicken goes perfectly with the ice cold beer.

The third and final stop is a trendy, modern place that is themed to look like a military bunker. Succulent morsels of chicken come out sizzling in sauce with rice cakes and sweet potatoes, smothered in mozzarella cheese. Beers are served in canteen mugs. You may think you're full, but you will end up eating it all anyway.

Your guides will teach Korean drinking etiquette and give tips on good restaurants and places to go in Seoul or throughout Korea. This is a tour you should book early in your trip.

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