Explore areas off limits to tour buses on this truly authentic bicycle experience. Our guided bike ride takes you through the amazing Hanriver. This is a great tour for a small group of one to ten people.' There are countless photo opportunities' along the route. Learn your way around as we point out interesting stories'that make Seoul one of the most unique cities in Asia.

Duration: 3 Hours'

Before we hit the road we'll go through some basic safety precautions, ensuring you're familiar with the bike. For the next 2.5~3 hours, our small group will explore Hanriver together. We'll have frequent stops to talk about the significance of the areas we visit, as well as a stop for'a quick snack break at Some Sevit.

Here are the places we will explore:'

Ttukseom Resort:
One of Hanriver's most popular destinations - from beautiful riverside, to park and the famous 24/7 food delivery service to you wherever you are in the park.

Some Sevit:
Some Sevit is a floating Island located near the southernmost part of Banpo Bridge, the nation's first-ever artificial island that floats on the surface of Hanriver. Around the floating Island are LED lights that feature a fantastic night view under the theme of 'gleaming light in the mist.'

Banpo Park:
The Rainbow Fountain built on both sides of Banpo Bridge is registered 2008 in The Guinness Book of Records as the longest bridge fountain in the world with the total length of 1,140m. Also one of the Seoul great parks near Hanriver.

Infamous Seongsu Bridge:
One of the solidest bridges in Korea'after'it collapsed in 1994.

Secret Photo Spots:
'Only-Local-Knows' Photo Spots in Hanriver.

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