Turn imagination into reality through your camera! At the Alive Museum, you'll discover Korea's largest "FUN" exhibition. Families, lovers, and friends, all join together at the Alive Museum! Located in Insadong, it's the biggest 4D optical illusion art museum in Korea - a must-visit attraction in Seoul.

The Alive Museum'is the largest 4D Art Museum in Korea, occupying 2500 square meters. During your visit, stimulate your senses and participate in activities where you can see, feel, touch and take pictures! There are over 100 artworks covering trick art, media art and object art.'

Located'in the'museum's basement 2 is Black Wonderland, Alive Museum most recent installation that recreates'magical and memorable scenes from famous fairytale stories.'Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Cinderella and Aladdin are the 4 main themes'in this exhibit. Come experience being princes/princesses in your own'fairytale wonderland!

You can also book discounted packages for admission to the following:

  • Dynamic Maze,'a cross-dimensional adventure experience where guests are rewarded for overcoming'challenging obstacles and situations.
  • Poopoo Land, Korea's One-of-a-Kind Poop experience playground, bringing you an exhilarating adventure through the stimulated digestive system where you can experience what it is like to be a Poop.

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