On this 3-day tour, you will explore some of the major cities in western Korea to see much of the country's culture and tradition. Departing from Seoul, you will visit a UNESCO World Heritage site in Gongju and other notable attractions such as the Hanok Village in Jeonju, a green tea plantation in Boseong, and Jinjuseong Fortress in Jinju. Your tour ends in Busan, the second largest city in Korea.

Day 1: Seoul - Gongju - Buyeo - Jeonju - Gwangju
Your tour departs from the Gwanghwamun subway station in Seoul at 8am.'The first city that you will visit is Gongju where you will see the Gongsanseong Fortress, UNESCO World Heritage. This is a representative ancient fortress from Baekje Dynasty that protected the capital city for 64 years over 5 generations. Afterwards, you will move on to Buyeo to visit Goransa Temple and Nakhwaam bluff by boat (optional $15pp). Is is said that this is where'3,000 court ladies of Baekjae plunged into the river to avoid being captured and dishonored when enemies breached the castle on the'last day of the Kingdom.

In Jeonju, there is a village called the Jeonju Hanok Village where there are over 800 traditional Korean 'Hanok' houses. While the rest of city has been industrialized, Hanok Maeul retains its historical charms and traditions. The Jeonju Hanok village is especially beautiful for the way the roofs curve. The roof edges being slightly raised to the sky is unique to Hanok architecture.

Overnight in Gwangju, Holiday Inn Gwangju Hotel or similar

Day 2: Gwangju - Boseong - Suncheon - Yeosu (B)
On the second day of the trip, you will visit a plantation in an area located in Boseong where its main specialty is green tea originating from the mountain valleys south of Boseong. In Suncheon, you will see the Suncheonman Bay National Garden, established in order to turn 1.12 square kilometers of natural habitat into a conservation area, where it houses over 505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers.

Overnight at Yeosu, Hotel U Castel'or similar

Day 3: Yeousu - Jinju - Busan (B)
In the morning, you will head to Jinjuseong, an intriguing castle-turned-fortress in the nearby town of Jinju. While walking around, you'll hear about how the monument was linked to a Japanese invasion in the late 1500s and explore the different military buildings within, such as the Chokseongmun edifice. From Jinju, you will travel to southeast to Busan, the second largest city in Korea. Your tour'concludes at the Busan Train Station at around 12pm.

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