Sink into the peaceful surroundings of Mt Odaesan, just two hours from Seoul, during a Korean temple stay at Woljeongsa. This experience at a traditional Buddhist temple offers visitors the chance to experience a day in the life of a Seon (Zen) practitioner: participate in an evening of Buddhist chanting, meditate in the early morning, and enjoy free time to explore a fir forest on your own. Expect meals and modest accommodations in a beautiful setting.

The Woljeongsa Temple, located on Mt Odaesan in Pyeongchang, has lived many lives. Founded as a hermitage in 643 during the Shilla dynasty, the temple expanded during the reign of the Joseon King Cheoljong in 1856, only to be completely destroyed during the Korean War. Luckily, the temple was rebuilt and today its best-known cultural landmark is the octagonal, nine-story stone pagoda located directly in front of Jeokgwangjeon (Hall of Stillness and Light).

During this 2-day temple stay, you'll experience life as a Buddhist monk. Share meals, participate in Seon meditation and chanting, and explore temple grounds during your free time. (See the Itinerary below for a complete daily schedule.)

Please note: A minimum of 2 people per booking is required.

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