1 Day Visit To The Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival From Seoul

JInhae Gunhangje Festival is the most famous cherry blossom festival in Korea. When you visit the Gyeonghwa Station in Jinhae, you won't be able to stop pressing your camera shutter. Although the drive from Seoul takes about four and a half hours by bus, it will be well worth your while as you will be refreshed once you admire the beautiful flowers.

In the morning, the small-group tour will depart by bus from either the bus stop in Hongdae or Myeongdong in Seoul and head to Jinhae.
Upon arrival at the Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, you will have free time to explore for approximately 90 minutes. The Korean Naval Academy is usually only accessible to visitors through its tour program, but during the Gunhangje Festival, the academy is open to the public and welcomes visitors with beautiful its cherry blossoms.

Here, you can walk along the cherry blossom trees from the Admiral Yi Sun-shin statue at the Bukwon Rotary to arrive at the academy where there is a full-scale model of an ironclad turtle ship built and used by Admiral Yi Sun-shin during the Imjin War. The academy also has a museum dedicated to the Korean Navy and documents related to Admiral Yi. *Please be sure to check the academy's opening hours before visiting.
After your free time is up, you will meet your tour guide back at same place you were dropped off and get transferred to the Gyeonghwa Station Cherry Blossoms Road where you will have another 90 minutes of free time.
As trains pass through the Gyeonghwa Station, the cherry blossom trees are swept by the wind, showering the ground with their petals. In between trains, visitors can walk on the tracks and stand beneath the falling petals. This 800 meter-long stretch of railway at the Gyeonghwa Station is considered to be one of the best cherry blossom attractions in Jinhae. This area is often featured in Korean movies and TV shows. During the festival season, many couples can be sighted taking their wedding and engagement photos here. To avoid the crowds, try to visit the station in the morning.

After seeing the cherry blossoms at the station, you will return to bus for the drive back to Seoul where you will be dropped off at Hongdae or Myeongdong around 9pm.

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