This is a full day guided walking tour that takes an artistic approach to explore the beautiful picturesque in places like Naksan-Park Fortress Wall and Ihwa-dong Mural Village in the morning. Lunch will be dumplings and Korean traditional noodle ‘Kalguksu’ at a famous traditional restaurant with the coach transfer service. In the afternoon, we will move to a rental shop for wearing 'Hanbok,' traditional Korean clothing, then to visit UNESCO world heritage site Changdeokgung Palace and Namsan Hanok Village and medieval places in the east side of the Joseon Dynasty Royal palace by the coach.
If you enjoy taking pictures and sharing them on social media like Instagram, this one day tour of the marvelous scenic places of Seoul, Korea, is the best choice for you!

This tour begins in the front of Hyehwa subway station gate 2 at 9am with a stroll through the Playhouses in Daehakro-street for about 15 minutes.

Naksan-park Fortress Wall of Seoul
This is a lovely scenic place for the complete view of Seoul. Naksan-park is a small hill which surrounds the east side of the Royal palace figured like blue dragon which is believed to be in charge of weather for farming and caring first son of kings who usually become the crown prince. Fortress Wall of Seoul was completed in 1396. It is now the biggest capital fortress wall remains among all the capital walls in the world. Walking around and taking photos with the beautiful background of the fortress wall and complete view of the city for about 1 hour and 15 min.

Ihwa-dong Mural Village
This village under Naksan-park was once a slum, but now it is very famous for the beautiful murals that often show up as backgrounds of TV programs that many travelers don’t want to miss it. Walk around to take pictures freely in the alleyways full of murals for about 1 hour.

Lunch time
Transfer by a private coach to a Korean restaurant named "Hwangsaeng-ga" where the famous Korean TV program "Running Man" crew visited for a dinner. Try a Korean dumplings and Korean traditional noodle ‘Kalguksu’ lunch for about an hour before heading to your next photo opportunity.
Hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) Rental
Transfer by a private coach to a Hanbok rental shop for wearing Hanbok before visiting to next places.

Changdeokgung Palace (wearing Hanbok)
Transfer by a private coach to Changdeokgung Palace, which was constructed in 1405 as a secondary palace for King Teajong but this is the most beautiful and well-preserved palace of Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910). Its arrangement of buildings and gardens were so harmonized with the nature, UNESCO named it as a World heritage site.
Stay at this place for about 1 hour and 10 min.

Namsan Hanok (Korean traditional house) village (wearing Hanbok)
Transfer by a private coach to Namsan Hanok village, which is one of the beautiful places you can get unique photos wearing Hanbok.
Hanok Village in Namsan was developed as a traditional park having 5 old, elegant and exquisite noble Hanok houses of Joseon Dynasty which were relocated from all around the Country.
Stay at this place for about 40 min.

Return back by private coach to the rental shop to return the Hanbok and then drop off will be back at your hotel or other centrally located accommodation in Seoul.

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